Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre, who graduated with a BFA (Hons) in Painting in 2013, was recently awarded the 2016 Sculpture at Scenic World prize for his work Extinct Markers which stands as a memorial to the plant and animal species declared extinct in Australia since colonisation. His mixed-media create multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted pieces that confront history, life and death and the cyclical nature of existence.

Of NAS he says: “The support I had from NAS has allowed my practice to develop in many different directions and has helped me to pursue a career in the visual arts post-graduation. Through projects assisted by NAS I have exhibited my work at PICA in Perth, am working on a public art commission with Mirvac developers and Urban Art Projects and am travelling to Europe this year [for the Onslow-Storrier National Art School residency at La Cite International des Arts in Paris]”.