Why NAS?

The greatest part of a student’s time at NAS is spent on art making, under the guidance of established, practicing artists.

This is the studio model of learning that NAS is acclaimed for. It is the key to our long history of producing Australian artists of national and international renown. Small class sizes and an emphasis on one-to-one interaction are essential elements of the studio model. This creates opportunities for guidance, feedback and discussion with teachers that help our students grow quickly towards artistic independence.

Within their chosen discipline, we task our students with project work that provides the time and support to build that independence, culminating in participation in the Graduate Exhibition. Students’ technical skill and conceptual understanding is underpinned by core study in Drawing and Art & History and Theory.

We challenge our students, and help them challenge themselves, so that they emerge from NAS with the knowledge, skills and confidence to successfully pursue their career in the arts.