Program Structure

MFA Course Schema 2016 The Master of Fine Art is a two-year full-time course of study. The structure of the course is based on 2 stages of one year each, with three subjects taken in Stage 1 and two subjects in Stage 2.

Course Schema

MFA Course Schema 2016

Stage 1

Stage 1 of the MFA program comprises three inter-related subject streams: a Studio Specialisation supported by a weekly Studio Seminar program, and the Art History and Theory lecture series. This stage introduces students to a studio research environment, and develops their ability to work with increasing autonomy and independent judgment.

Studio Specialisation

Upon commencement, students propose a Studio Research Project within a selected studio specialisation that will form the basis of an ongoing studio enquiry over the two years of the degree. Students are provided with an individual studio space and access to workshop facilities in their chosen Studio Specialisation and receive three hours per week face-to-face contact with studio lecturers in the Studio Specialisation stream.

Studio Seminar

Students attend two hours per week in face-to-face seminar sessions. In Stage 1 the focus of these seminars is on Research Methodologies, Professional Practice, and Issues in Contemporary Art, which extend independent research skills and enhance knowledge of professional art world practice and discourse, enabling students to increase their understanding of their own activity within that context.

Art History & Theory

Students attend two hours of lectures and tutorials per week in Stage 1. These lectures examine the historical and theoretical developments underpinning contemporary art practice and enable students to pursue their own practice fully informed of the various currents of contemporary discourse that serve to shape our understanding of current art practice.

Stage 2

Studio Specialisation

In Stage 2 of the MFA, students continue the development of their Studio Research Project toward resolution of a substantial, coherent and highly resolved body of work. Students continue to work in their individual studio space under the supervision and guidance of selected academic staff. Students are allocated one hour per week individual supervision with selected academic staff in the Studio Specialisation stream.

Studio Seminar

The Studio Seminar program is designed to provide research support for the development of the written dissertation component of the MFA, and to promote peer learning and engagement within the MFA cohort. Regular student work-in-progress presentations and studio critiques involving a number of staff and students provide valuable feedback to assist students in the articulation of their individual studio research interests.