Core Subjects

In conjunction with study in selected studio areas, Drawing and Art History & Theory are included as core subjects throughout all three years of the BFA.

These core areas of study grow in scope and intensity at each level of the course and areas of core study reflect the critical importance of these key areas of skill and knowledge required for practice in any studio discipline. The final year of the BFA includes a core Professional Practice component for all students.


Drawing is a core competency for the visual artist in any area of visual arts practice. As the fields of artistic practice continue to expand and evolve in a changing word, drawing provides the artist with the essential capacity for visual analysis and speculation. In recognition of the importance of those attributes, Drawing is delivered as a core subject throughout all three years of the BFA.

Within that three-year sequence, students are engaged in a comprehensive exploration of drawing practices from foundational modes of drawing such as observational and life drawing, through experimental practises, multi-media works, installation practices and new media art works.

In addition to being a core subject within the BFA, Drawing is also offered as a Studio Specialisation at MFA level where it encompasses a diverse and dynamic range of practices, processes and attitudes to art making.

Art History & Theory

Today more than ever, the development of informed artistic practice requires understanding of the historical precedents and contexts of art making across a broad cultural spectrum. Given that importance, Art History & Theory is delivered as a core subject throughout all three years of our BFA and in the first year of our MFA.

Commencing with overview of artistic production from antiquity to the industrialisation of society in the nineteenth century, the BFA curriculum continues on to a comprehensive study of Modernity and Post Modernity. The final year of the BFA program includes a special focus on contemporary Australian and Aboriginal art and culture. In addition to this core program, a range of AHT electives are offered in the BFA covering a range of specialised topics.

Program Structure

Our Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree is designed to impart the skills, knowledge and creative independence required to sustain a career as an artist.

How to apply

Applications for the Bachelor of Fine Art are made through the University Admissions Centre (UAC). Standard admission to NAS is based upon interview and portfolio.

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