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Glazing Workshop

Joseph Purtle
  • Term: Term One 2018
  • Start Date: 17 Feb 2018
  • End Date: 3 Mar 2018
  • Time: Saturdays 10am–4pm
  • Number of Classes: 3
  • Teacher: Joseph Purtle
  • Level: All Levels
  • Age: All Ages
  • Location: The National Art School
  • Availability: Unavailable

Do you have bisque-fired ceramic works that you would like to glaze and fire? Bring your bisque-fired work and learn about stoneware and porcelain glazes and high-temperature firing techniques using our gas kilns. Joseph Purtle demonstrates glazing application techniques and teaches you how to identify the appropriate forms for successful glaze interactions, how to pack and control the firing of a kiln, and how to make test samples. This is an excellent opportunity to learn how to finish your work with a range of coloured glazes, incorporating glaze-on-glaze techniques. You will complete the course with a good knowledge of glaze technologies and a selection of your glazed and fired ceramic objects.

Joseph Purtle

Joseph Purtle’s practice focuses on wheelthrowing and expressive high-temperature glazes, exploring variations in the firing atmospheres of gas and wood kilns. He was the winner of the FONAS award, 2012; the Kerrie Lowe Gallery Award, 2013; and the Ashley Dawson-Damer Award for Excellence in Ceramics, 2013. He has exhibited at Kerrie Lowe Gallery, Mils Gallery, Rex-Livingston Art + Objects, and the Sogetsu ikebana exhibition at the Botanic Gardens.

  • Dust mask and rubber gloves
  • Finished bisque fired work (if you have attended the Summer School, this will have been bisque fired for you otherwise bring in any work you wish to fire during the course)
  • Plastic containers for making up glazes
  • Brushes, sponges and green scourers
  • Notebook and pen

Protective clothing and covered footwear essential