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From Sketchbook to Studio

Angus Fisher
  • Term: Summer School Week One 2018
  • Start Date: 8 Jan 2018
  • End Date: 12 Jan 2018
  • Time: Mon-Fri, 9:30AM - 4:30PM
  • Number of Classes: 5
  • Teacher: Angus Fisher
  • Level: Beginner , Intermediate
  • Age: All Ages
  • Location: The National Art School
  • Availability: Unavailable

Observing and drawing directly from the world around you is a great starting point in the process of art-making and the development of ideas for a new body of work. Angus Fisher takes you to outdoor locations in Sydney to draw and paint en plein air and to gather ‘notes’ in your sketchbook in pencil, watercolour and gouache. This is the ‘brainstorming’ before you begin expanding on your work in the NAS studio. With your drawings laid out in front of you, you can make subjective decisions, extrapolate ideas and light up pathways to create original series of artworks. Angus introduces you to the working processes of famous artists and encourages you to develop your own. Students will be supported to move between drawing and painting, trying different mediums and supports to suit their subject, using a range of papers, boards, canvas, watercolours, pencils, charcoal, acrylics and oils. By the end of the week you will create a sustained series of finished works underpinned by preparatory drawings, experimentation and process.

Angus Fisher

Angus Fisher is a practising printmaker who is skilled in using intricate, traditional techniques to represent the natural world. Angus is a graduate of the National Art School and is currently represented by Australian Galleries, Sydney, where he exhibits regularly. He has worked as an artist and teacher around Australia and as an archaeological illustrator in Greece. Angus is currently working towards an exhibition in Sydney, as well as the creation of a limited-edition series of books. Watch Angus producing his prints at

Below is a list of items students are required to bring for the week. However the teacher is open to people working in other preferred mediums that may not be on the list and also bring them along. The teacher may advise on materials as the course progresses.


  • Gummed-edge A5 and A4 pads of drawing paper/sketchbook and mixed media paper - make sure these are suitable for wet mediums.
  • Sheets of darker paper in black or dark grey. Can be purchased individually as needed throughout the course. Also available in pads at Parkers.

Drawing Materials

  • 1 of each pencil - 2B, 4B & 6B graphite pencils
  • 1 white Conte pencil
  • 1 carbon pencils - recommend Wolfs Carbon Pencil – preferable “soft”
  • 1 drawing felt tip pen (sepia or black)
  • 1 medium sized watercolour brush and basic watercolour paint set
  • A basic pastel set - either oil pastels or chalk pastels
  • 1 spray can of fixative

Drawing Equipment

  • 1 glass or plastic jar with a lid for holding water
  • Small plate or flat surface for mixing water colours. A cheap plastic palette is also suitable.
  • Some old rags or a roll of paper towel
  • Suitable clothing for studio e.g. covered shoes and old shirt or apron, hat, sunscreen etc.

The teacher will advise on additional materials as the course progresses

Protective clothing and covered footwear essential