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Enrol in a National Art School Short Course or School Holiday Workshop and experience a unique visual arts education with a practical, studio-based approach to learning. Courses are designed for people of all ages and levels of experience.

Short Courses
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School Holiday Workshops
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juz kitson ceramics
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Art and Science: Abstracted Ecologies in Clay

18 Aug Juz Kitson

For Sydney Science Week, create expressive and abstract natural forms in clay.

Art and Science: The Alchemy of the Artist - Encaustic: From the Ancient to the Contemporary

18 Aug Kim Spooner

For Sydney Science Week, learn about the chemistry and alchemy of painting in this teacher masterclass.

Teacher Masterclass: Etching

22 Sep – 23 Sep Angus Fisher

After investigating the National Art Part 1 exhibition, explore the medium of etching with a variety of tools and techniques.

Art and Science: Family Workshop - Sunlight and Cyanotypes

18 Aug

Explore how images are captured on paper and film using sunlight.

Art and Science: Family Workshop - Thermodynamic Printing

18 Aug

Explore ideas of astronomy and science fiction in this thermodynamic printing workshop. 

Art and Science: Painting Natural History

18 Aug

Focus in on the subtle and quirky details of native plant varieties in this botanical painting workshop.

Saturday Studio: Experimental Drawing

8 Sep

Create expressive drawings using ink and charcoal in this month's Saturday Studio.

Expressive Handbuilt Ceramics for Beginners

22 Sep – 23 Sep Linda Seiffert

FOR ADULTS. Create dynamic sculptural vessels and gain the technical ability to make unique ceramics.

Introduction to Fine Art Illustration

22 Sep – 23 Sep VR Morrison

FOR ADULTS. Learn simple step-by-step methods that will demystify the drawing process.

Master Class: Drawing into Animation

22 Sep – 23 Sep Todd Fuller

FOR ADULTS. This hands-on workshop explores using movement as a tool for image making and motion.

Master Class: Large-Scale Drawing

22 Sep – 23 Sep Catherine O'Donnell

FOR ADULTS. The historic architecture of the NAS campus will inspire and enhance your drawing skills.

The Travel Sketchbook

22 Sep – 23 Sep Pollyxenia Joannou

FOR ADULTS. From first impressions to sustained studies, learn to use your sketchbook as a way of seeing.

Introduction to Classical Oil Painting 2018
Filling Fast

Introduction to Classical Oil Painting

22 Sep – 23 Sep Michelle Hiscock

FOR ADULTS. Discover the sensuous beauty of classical oil painting through a series of structured exercises.

Master Class: Landscape Painting

22 Sep – 23 Sep Idris Murphy

FOR ADULTS. Extend your understanding of the landscape through the study of spatial illusion, composition and colour.

Watercolour Painting and Drawing

22 Sep – 23 Sep Graham Marchant

FOR ADULTS. Explore the magical medium of watercolour through drawing a range of objects and botanical subjects.

Birds of a Plastic Feather

22 Sep – 23 Sep Jane Gillings

FOR ADULTS. Learn to construct an armature and create a life-sized sculpture using recycled plastic and other found materials.

Introduction to Silicone Mould-Making

22 Sep – 23 Sep Sam Valenz

FOR ADULTS. Learn the fundamental principles of silicone mould-making.

Paper Sculptures

22 Sep – 23 Sep Dr Liz Bradshaw

FOR ADULTS. This workshop introduces you to three-dimensional thinking using accessible and recycled materials. 

Machine Age Knife Magic: Collage Workshop

22 Sep – 23 Sep Deborah Kelly

FOR ADULTS. Discover the witty art of collage as you play purposefully with pictures.

Natural Dyeing Fabric Workshop

22 Sep – 23 Sep Samorn Sanixay

FOR ADULTS. Learn the ancient tradition of natural dyeing with seasonal plants and flowers from your own neighbourhood.

Professional Writing for Artists

22 Sep – 23 Sep Gina Fairley

FOR ADULTS. Designed specifically for artists, this hands-on workshop aims to sharpen your writing skills.    

Contemporary Watercolours

18 Oct – 6 Dec Tanya Baily

FOR ADULTS. Explore a range of drawing media, techniques and compositional tools through guided exercises.

Drawing Fundamentals for Beginners (Daytime)

20 Oct – 8 Dec Cameron Ferguson


Develop your drawing skills and extend your understanding of composition.

Drawing Fundamentals for Beginners (Evening)

17 Oct – 5 Dec Deborah Marks

FOR ADULTS. Develop your drawing skills and extend your understanding of composition.

Drawing Your Own Visual Language (Daytime)

17 Oct – 5 Dec Pam Vaughan

FOR ADULTS. Explore a range of drawing media, techniques and compositional tools through guided exercises.

Drawing Your Own Visual Language (Evening)

16 Oct – 4 Dec Pam Vaughan

FOR ADULTS. Explore a range of drawing media, techniques and compositional tools through guided exercises.

Experimental Drawing

18 Oct – 6 Dec Dr Liz Bradshaw


Experiment with surfaces, scale and mediums to find diverse ways of drawing.

Life Drawing (Daytime)

15 Oct – 3 Dec Annelies Jahn

FOR ADULTS. Work directly from the figure to develop your observational skills and perceptual awareness.      

Life Drawing (Evening)

15 Oct – 3 Dec Noel Thurgate

FOR ADULTS. Work directly from the nude figure to explore and develop observational skills and perceptual awareness.

Mixed Media Drawing

18 Oct – 6 Dec Judith White

FOR ADULTS. Expand your ideas of drawing from traditional observational methods towards a contemporary approach to art-making. 

The Sydney Sketchbook

20 Oct – 8 Dec Pollyxenia Joannou

FOR ADULTS. Learn to use your sketchbook as a way of seeing and interpreting the world around you.

Intermediate Painting

18 Oct – 6 Dec Kim Spooner

FOR ADULTS. Develop a distinct, personal aesthetic and visual language while extending your understanding of the painting practice.

Painting and Drawing the Life Model

16 Oct – 4 Dec Dr David Briggs

FOR ADULTS. Make sustained drawings and paintings from a life model with a strong emphasis on colour and tone.

Painting Fundamentals for Beginners (Evening)

17 Oct – 5 Dec Tonee Messiah

FOR ADULTS. Learn practical methods to compose figurative, still life, landscape and abstract paintings using oil and acrylics.

Painting Masterclass

20 Oct – 8 Dec Roger Crawford

FOR ADULTS. Extend the formal and aesthetic understanding of your work and find a new form of practice.

Paint the National Art School and Darlinghurst

20 Oct – 8 Dec Kevin McKay

FOR ADULTS. Draw and paint the one of Sydney’s best-preserved examples of colonial sandstone architecture. 

Starting Painting for Beginners and Continuing Painters

15 Oct – 3 Dec VR Morrison

FOR ADULTS. Gain a practical foundation in painting for complete beginners.

Photojournalism, Documentary and the Photo Essay

15 Oct – 3 Dec Glenn Lockitch

FOR ADULTS. Learn to develop a great photo essay and tell personal stories via the camera.


Welding Sculptures

20 Oct – 8 Dec Sam Valenz

FOR ADULTS. Complete small-scale welded steel sculptures through using arc and MIG welders and oxyacetylene to cut, shape and bend steel.

Art and Text: Playing with Words and Images

16 Oct – 4 Dec Brendan Smith

FOR ADULTS. Combine your love of language and images in this hands-on, skills-based, tech-connected workshop.

BOW Brainstorm: a day of ideas to develop your body of work

20 Oct To Be Advised

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: Struggling with your Visual Arts body of work? Need help sketching out and researching ideas?

Saturday Studio: Heatpress Printmaking

3 Nov

Create your own collages to transfer onto t-shirts in this month's Saturday Studio.

Saturday Studio: Sketchbooks

6 Oct

Bring along your sketchbook to draw people and objects in the NAS Gallery for this month's Saturday Studio

Saturday Studio: Zines and Book Making

8 Dec

Develop your own illustrations and stories to produce hand made books and zines in this month's Saturday Studio.