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Discover the old Darlinghust gaol’s extraordinary transformation from a place of abject misery to one of Australia’s premier arts institutions.

The former gaol is one of Sydney’s oldest and best preserved examples of colonial sandstone architecture. According to legend, the building is haunted by the restless ghosts of some of the 76 people who were executed at the gaol’s gallows. Among those who met their demise at the end of a rope were bushranger Andrew George Scott, better known as Captain Moonlite, in 1880, and the last woman to be hanged in NSW, Louisa Collins, in 1889.

Our expert guided tours will lead you through various areas of the site including the Cell Block Theatre, Chapel, gaol kitchen, the old gallows, basement passageway under the Governor’s quarters, and the studio built for sculptor Sir Bertram MacKennal in 1926.

Tours are by appointment only.


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