Library Stairwell Gallery

The Library Stairwell Gallery is a dedicated student exhibition space within the National Art School Library. The Gallery provides a platform for undergraduate and postgraduate students to develop their exhibition and curatorial skills, collaborate with fellow students across disciplines, and explore creative ideas outside the bounds of their formal studies. The Gallery presents approximately thirteen exhibitions per year, representing each discipline and based on the philosophical and artistic curriculum of National Art School.

Current Exhibition

Dirty Deeds

Exhibition: 12–29 June 2018

Opening: 12 June 6–8pm

Dirty Deeds is now on show in the Library Stairwell Gallery. It features work by 3rd year Ceramics students: Maya Bartlett, Lauren Calvi, Sally Davis, Thom George, Jimin Hong, Mia Kidis, Benjamin King, Matilda Kubany-Deane, Amelia Lynch, Florentino Pergoleto, Sibylla Robertson, Mandarava Steiner, Sheena Studenovic Redmond, Hamish Wallace and Jenny Wiggins.

Proposal Information

Proposals for exhibitions are accepted from students currently enrolled in the Master of Fine Art or second or third year of the Bachelor of Fine Art. Exhibitions run for three weeks during the first semester of each year, during second semester the LSG is devoted to studio departments for larger group shows. Exhibitions are selected by a committee of NAS staff. The exhibition program is finalised one year in advance. To ensure the maximum benefit to the most students, priority may be given to group based exhibitions.

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