Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize 2016

The Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize
14 March—14 May 2016

The Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize is an annual exhibition and acquisitive award presenting recent work by Australian and New Zealand artists. It highlights exciting developments in contemporary art and provides a platform for an artist-selected exhibition that features established artists alongside early-career artists. This unique model recognises the importance of dialogue and mentoring between generations of artists and provides an opportunity to reward talent and excellence in the contemporary visual arts sector.

2016 guest curator is Sydney artist Mikala Dwyer. Dwyer has selected 22 established artists (comprising an artist duo) who, in turn, have each nominated an emerging artist to also present work in the exhibition. This lively engagement between established and early-career artists creates a special insight into art practice from across the country, representing a diversity of backgrounds, artistic processes and themes.

The artists are Janet Burchill/Jennifer McCamley and Lewis Fidock; John Bloomfield and Sean Wadey; Daniel Boyd and Hamishi Farah; Pat Brassington and Jacob Leary; Carla Cescon and Francesca Heinz; Maria Cruz and Nicola Smith; Julie Fragar and James Barth; Matthys Gerber and Suzi Faiz; Sarah Goffman and Rosie Deacon; Joan Grounds and Andrew Simmons; Shane Haseman and Mitchel Cumming; Ruark Lewis and Dhambit Muniggurr; Elizabeth Newman and Hanna Tai; Luke Parker and Elise Harmsen; Natalie Puantulura and Alison Puruntatameri; Elizabeth Pulie and Emma Finneran; Koji Ryui and Anna John; Ava Seymour and Juliet Carpenter; Mary Teague and Jensen Tjhung; David Thomas and Erika Scott; Simon Yates and Jack Lanagan Dunbar.

To be considered for the Prize the works must be made within two years of the submission date and there is no restriction on media or subject. The Prize is acquisitive and is awarded for excellence in two categories: Established ($25,000) and Emerging ($10,000). There is also a Viewers’ Choice Prize. The acquired works go into the collection of Redlands school, becoming an important and stimulating resource for teaching and learning. The judges for the 2016 Prize are John Kaldor AM, NAS Gallery curator Judith Blackall and Redlands Visual Arts teachers Mark Harpley and Fabian Byrne.

We gratefully acknowledge Konica Minolta for donating the $25,000 prize and generously printing the exhibition catalogue and Glenburn Pastoral Company for donating the $10,000 Emerging Artist prize.

Installation view of the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize. Photo: Zan Wimberley