Steven Alderton
Director & CEO

Steven Alderton has gained 25 years’ experience in the visual arts and education. Previous roles have included Director, Programs, Exhibitions and Cultural Collections at the Australian Museum, Director Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Director Lismore Regional Gallery, Manager Bundaberg Arts Centre, Director Redland Art Gallery, and Curator Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery. Steven has worked closely with many leading Australian visual artists including Ricky Swallow, Margaret Olley, Nicholas Harding, Janet Laurence and Tracey Moffatt.

Simon Cooper
Head of Studies

Simon Cooper has practiced and exhibited extensively throughout Australia and internationally. His work is held in numerous private and public collections throughout the world including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra; and the Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art, South Korea.

He completed his undergraduate studies in Printmaking at Prahran College, Victoria and his post-graduate studies at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne. Simon has taught with a range of institutions in Australia including Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne; RMIT University, Melbourne; University of Southern Queensland; and Chisholm Institute, Melbourne. Since joining NAS in 2001 as Head of Printmaking, he has held other academic positions within the school including Acting Director, and is currently Head of Studies.

Academic Staff

Head of Studies: Simon Cooper

Program Coordinators

Postgraduate Coordinator: Dr Ian Greig

Undergraduate Coordinator: John Bloomfield

Education Outreach Coordinator: Lorraine Kypiotis


Head of Ceramics: Lynda Draper

Ceramics Lecturers: Stephen Bird, Tania Rollond

Ceramics Studio Technicians: Joseph Purtle, David Stockburn

Ceramics Sessional Lecturers: Merran Esson, Simone Fraser, Bronwyn Kemp, Sandy Lockwood, Toni Warburton


Head of Drawing: Dr Maryanne Coutts

Drawing Lecturers: Deborah Beck, Charles Cooper, Lynette Eastaway, Joseph Frost, Dr Margaret Roberts

Drawing Studio Technician: John Stanfield

Drawing Sessional Lecturers: Anthony Cahill, Dr Sally Clarke, Roger Crawford, Dr Ben Denham, Ivor Fabok, David Fairbairn, Rachel Fairfax, Cameron Ferguson, Patrick Hartigan, Janet Haslett, Terry Hayes, Paul Higgs, Annelise Jahn, Pollyxenia Joannou, Lisa Jones, Therese Keogh, Deborah Marks, Catherine O’Donnell, Daniel Pata, Jude Rae, Dr Ambrose Reisch, Jeff Rigby, Kim Spooner, Noel Thurgate, Belinda Ward


Head of Painting: Dr Stephen Little

Painting Lecturers: Susan Andrews, Dr Andrew Donaldson, Dr David Serisier

Painting Studio Technician: Paolo Iarossi

Painting Sessional Lecturers: Justin Balmain, Vicente Butron, Nick Collerson, Roger Crawford, Christine Dean, Joanne Handley, Steven Harvey, Paul Higgs, Anwen Keeling, Chelsea Lehmann, Nana Ohnesorge, Rodney Pople, Leslie Rice, Rolande Souliere, Kim Spooner


Head of Photomedia: Geoff Kleem

Photomedia Lecturer: Dr Marian Tubbs

Photomedia Studio Technician: Damian Dillon

Photomedia Sessional Lecturers: Steven Cavanagh, David Manley, Sarah Mosca, Tanya Peterson, Skye Wagner


Head of Printmaking: Peter Burgess

Printmaking Lecturers: Maureen Burns, Carolyn Mckenzie-Craig

Printmaking Studio Technician: Nina Juniper

Printmaking Sessional Lecturers: Angus Fisher, Tania Browitt, Claude Jones, Alexi Keywan, Kate Mitchell, Esther Neate, Brenda Tye


Head of Sculpture: Ron Robertson-Swann OAM

Sculpture Lecturers: Jim Croke, David Horton

Sculpture Studio Technician: Simon Hodgson

Sculpture Sessional Lecturers: Gary Deirmendjian, Clara Hali, Caz Haswell, Anita Larkin

Art History & Theory

Head of Art History & Theory: Dr Michael Hill

Art History & Theory Lecturers: Dr Georgina Cole, Dr Shane Haseman, Dr Jaime Tsai, Lorraine Kypiotis

Art History & Theory Sessional Lecturers: Dr Molly Duggins, Dr Christine Dean, Alex Trompf

Public Programs

Head of Public Programs: Dr Ella Dreyfus

Public Programs Administrative Officer: Joan Cameron-Smith

Public Programs Sessional Lecturers: Andrew Antoniou, John Bokor, Louise Boscacci, David Briggs, Annabel Butler, Nick Collerson, Roger Crawford, Kelly-Ann Denton, Jacqui Driver, Michele Elliot, Rachel Fairfax, Gina Fairley, Cameron Ferguson, Angus Fisher, Simone Fraser, Clare Freer, Jane Gillings, Clara Hali, Michelle Hiscock, Simon Hodgson, Paul Hopmeier, David Horton, Pollyxenia Joannou, Therese Kenyon, Barbie Kjar, Anita Larkin, Chelsea Lehmann, Glenn Lockitch, Deborah Marks, Kelly-Ann Denton, Kevin McKay, VR Morrison, Idris Murphy, Wendy Murray, Esther Neate, Sarah O’Sullivan, Nana Ohnesorge, Caterina Pacialeo, Daniel Pata, Joseph Purtle, Simon Reece, Ambrose Reisch, Kurt Schranzer, Kim Spooner, Noel Thurgate, Bernadette Trela, Pam Vaughan, Skye Wagner, Maryanne Wick, Cameron Williams, Susan Windmiller

General Staff

Director & CEO: Steven Alderton


Governance & Business Operations Manager: Ellen O’Shaughnessy

Executive Team Assistant: Daniela Alavanja

Academic Administrator: Zoë Wilesmith

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant: Kirsty Mitchell

Education Outreach Officer: Alana Ambados


Facilities & Operations Manager: Christine Myerscough

Facilities Administrator: Scott Clement

Facilities Assistant: Mark Polak

Workshop Manager: Jaroslav Prochazka

Audio Visual Technician: John Daly

Security and Services Officer: Louis Greco

Campus Assistant: Marcel Delgardo

Campus Assistant: Mal Nagobi

Campus Grounds Assistant: Darwish Khalil

Campus Service Assistant: Jason Bennett


Finance Manager: Chloe Wong

Finance Officer: Suki Yuen

Finance Casual: Khanh Tran

Gallery, Archive and Collections

Gallery Manager & Curator: Judith Blackall

Curatorial Assistant: Lisa Tolcher

Archivist & Collections Manager: Deborah Beck


Human Resources Manager: Mauricio Ortiz

HR Assistant: Katie Procter


IT Manager: Nhu Pham

IT Officer: Duncan Whichelo


Library & Learning Centre Manager: Elizabeth Little

Librarian: Sue Olive

Library Technicians: Lana Ryles, Grace Sagud


Marketing Coordinator: Danielle Neely

Creative Producer: Sebastian Goldspink

Photographer & Media Officer: Peter Morgan

Graphic Designer: Ricardo Felipe

Student Services

Registrar: Benedict Griffin

Student Services Officer: Marina Veg

Student Services Administrator: Jazmin Velasco

Student Services Casual: Monique Arundell

Student Counsellor: Michelle Glass

Venue Hire & Events

Venue Hire & Events Manager: Julie O’Reilly

Venue Hire & Events Assistant: Michael Johnstone