Library, Workshops and Facilities

Our students have access to a broad range of workshop and study resources throughout the campus.

Campus Hours

Days During Semester

  • Monday – Friday 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Saturday 9.00am – 5.00pm
  • Sunday Closed

*During vacations opening hours may vary.

No access is available on Sundays, Public Holidays or Saturdays after 12.00pm.
Please ensure that you have confirmed campus access hours with the timetable available at the Security Office Building 2.
Please note there is no after hours access to the Central Workshop or Digital Lab


The Library offers books, DVDs, and journals for loan and reference, as well as computers and printers for student use.

Digital Lab

The Digital Lab is located in Building 11 (Room 11.1.19) and provides access to scanning and digital image processing on a Mac platform. Software applications include Adobe CS including Photoshop, Final Cut Pro Web access and Microsoft Office applications.

Central Workshop

The Central Workshop is located in newly renovated Building 11. Facilities include a full suite of timber and steel manufacturing equipment. There is also a range of electric and pneumatic hand tools available for student use.

All enrolled students have access to these facilities through their designated discipline after an induction has been completed. Students are encouraged to broaden their knowledge of tools and the different processes through the induction process that each student must undertake prior to using any workshop equipment. Inductions are organised by individual departments to tailor/maximise the best use of the existing equipment relevant to the discipline. Inductions are carried out by the teaching or technical support staff from each department.

Opening Hours During Semester:

Monday – Thursday 9:30am–4:30pm
Friday 9:30am–4:00pm
Wednesday – Thursday 4:30–6pm evening access

(Vacation opening hours may vary so please check before the end of each semester)

After-hours Access to Buildings

Students requiring access to buildings and studio areas after-hours must sign the Access Book at the Security Office when entering and leaving the campus during after hours and Saturdays. Students who do not sign in on arrival and departure will be asked to leave the campus by Security. Students requesting to work in studios after hours must always work in pairs. No student is allowed solitary access to the National Art School buildings after hours. No tools or equipment that are designated as hazardous may be used after hours.

For building access on Saturdays students must register their names in the Access Book no later than Friday before 4.00pm to inform Security as to which buildings must be opened in the morning. Students who do not register will not be given clearance to access buildings.

All rules and procedures must be adhered to at all times whilst on Campus. All instructions and requests directed to students by security must be abided by. Student Services will deal with any breaches of discipline accordingly. An incident report will be completed by security staff and submitted to Student Services to assess the complaint.


Parking is not available for students on campus.

Security, Emergencies and First Aid

Campus Security is located in Building 2 ground floor and the gatehouse at the entrance of Burton St. Security staff are available for emergencies on 9339 8726.
Students requiring first aid must contact either a studio technician, security or facilities staff or report to the security office in Building 1 or on 9339 8726.