The National Art School exists today in its present form and in its present location because people were passionate about it. They believed in the need for it, they believed in its philosophy, and they believed in the people who composed it.

People with a passion for the visual arts are still at the heart of NAS. Academics, students, staff, alumni and supporters all ensure NAS remains an important part of the Australian and international arts community.

Many of our academics were once students here, learning within our studio-based model of teaching that they now lead. Through NAS they became practicing visual artists and now guide the next wave of artists.

Our staff, from administration to board members, all share a dedication to the institution of NAS and work to ensure it stays true and capable of ongoing contribution to the visual arts.

Through our alumni, short course attendees, and art lovers, we are connected to a huge body of supporters throughout the local, national and international community.

These are the people that today make the National Art School a respected and valued institution.

Current Students

This section includes information for enrolled students about student resources and support services.


As the longest continuing art school in Australia, the National Art School has a substantial and impressive cohort of alumni who have contributed to the history of Australian art and continue to influence contemporary art practice.


The NAS staff of academics, sessional teachers and general staff are committed to creating an environment of artistic and education excellence.