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Lorraine Kypiotis

Education Outreach Coordinator

MA (Uni Syd.) BA. Dip Ed (Uni Syd.)
+612 9339 8744

Lorraine Kypiotis holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Sydney in Renaissance Studies and is currently engaged in a Doctor of Philosophy in Art History at the University of Sydney with a strong focus on the function of artefacts within art academies and  institutions. Her research interests also include Women in Art, Museology and 19th century Australian Art History. Lorraine is also a frequent and popular guest lecturer at the AGNSW and is a regular guest on ABC Radio National’s Nightlife program.

As the Education Outreach Coordinator at the National Art School, Lorraine is passionate about art, education and history.  She is an experienced educator who has taught in both the secondary and tertiary sectors and has been lecturing in the Department of Art History and Theory at the National Art School since 1997. High on her list of priorities is regional and national engagement with the high school sector. She runs a number of programs, both inbound and outbound, which, as well as promoting the scope of ongoing tertiary study in art at the National Art School, foster the building of skills, knowledge and values in the fine arts.

Office location: Building 22, National Art School
Phone: +612 9339 8744