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Dr Marian Tubbs

Photomedia Lecturer

+612 9339 8744

Manifesting across internet, photo, video and assemblage-based installations, Marian Tubbs’ art conflates material binaries between the physical and the virtual, and high and low culture. Over the past five years her assemblage-based installations and digital works have critiqued cultural ascriptions of value, extending from this current projects are being undertaken that simulate and question implications of augmented reality technologies. 

Recent solo exhibitions have been presented with Zona Maco, Mexico City, and STATION, Melbourne, and group exhibitions with Sculpture Center, NY; Neon Parc, Melbourne; Arcadia Missa, London, Gesso Space, Vienna; Christine König Gallery, Vienna; Hessel Museum, NY; and ltd Los Angeles, USA. In 2017 Marian was recipient of the Marten Bequest and in 2015 she was the inaugural recipient of the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia’s Online Commission. Tubbs' work is held at the National Gallery of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria and the Museum of Contemporary art as well as leading international collections. 

In 2017 Tubbs' work was included in a anthology titled ‘An A-Z of Contemporary Australian Art' published by Thames and Hudson. Tubbs has published and presented art and philosophy research at international and local conferences. In 2014 she was a contributing author to the philosophy volume 'Deleuze and Guattari and the Arts: Intensities & Lines of Flight', published by Rowman & Littlefield International. Tubbs holds a BFA (Hons) from RMIT, a MFA from UNSW Art & Design, and a PhD from UNSW Art & Design and is represented by STATION Gallery and ltd Los Angeles.

Phone: +612 9339 8744