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Joe Frost

Drawing Lecturer

BFA (Hons), MFA (UNSW)
+612 9339 8744

Joe Frost's paintings and drawings have their origins in urban life. They depict personages and places, and express a complex sense of belonging formed from his feelings - both sympathetic and critical - about his subjects. The synthesis of observation and invention in his working process produces paintings that are layered in every sense of the word; that invite the viewer to experience seeing as an active, interpretive process.

As Laura Fisher wrote in a recent catalogue essay, “Frost practices a form of painting that echoes the selectivity of our habits of perception… where an improbable collection of visual cues coalesces to form something that feels utterly familiar and authentic. He includes things that are both visible and invisible to the eye: from the most prosaic objects of domestic life to the wake created by a person’s movement through space, from the artificial lights that punctuate our urban experience to the emotional force fields of an argument.”

Since his first exhibition with Legge Gallery in 1999 Frost’s reputation has grown steadily. He has been a lecturer at the National Art School, Sydney since 2003 and is a writer on art with more than thirty published essays and articles in newspapers, magazines, and exhibition catalogues.

Areas of Specialisation:

Drawing and painting

Subjects and Courses Taught: 

DRA100 Drawing 1
DRA200 Drawing 2
DRA300 Drawing 3
MFA Supervision

Office location: Building 28, National Art School
Phone: +612 9339 8744