NAS comes to Katherine

The NAS Outreach Team Lorraine Kypiotis and Alana Ambados travelled to Katherine in early June and worked with indigenous and non-indigenous students at Katherine High School. The art program was facilitated by Sophie Rayner, Curator and Acquisitions Manager, Godinymayin Yijard Rivers Arts & Culture Centre (GYRACC) and hosted by visual Arts teachers, Kim Shanahan and Ben Haddow.

“The Year 9,10, 11 and 12 students we were privileged to work with were talented, focused and passionate about making art,” said NAS Education Outreach Coordinator Lorraine Kypiotis.

Alana Ambados, Education Outreach Officer, NAS added, “The program aims to connect students to their art making by exploring the connections and differences in landscape and culture. We’ve learnt as much from these students as they have from us.”

The students were introduced to many new techniques which they incorporated into their own practice to create works for entry into the Katherine Youth Art Awards.

Ben Haddow, KHS teacher, commented, “This was a rare opportunity for the students to collaborate with high caliber art teachers from a nationally recognized art institution. We hope to use this pilot program to springboard future outcomes for the benefit of the students.”

Rekesha Hall, a talented year 10 student whose works are representative of the Tiwi Islands said, “I really enjoyed it! It was amazing to learn new techniques. I hope to meet these teachers again in Sydney.”

When asked about the benefits of the workshop, Kim Shanahan remarked, “I can only foresee more wonderful collaborations between the National Art School and Katherine High School. I hope to visit the art school in Sydney with some of these students in the near future.”

Whilst one of the major aims of this pilot education program was to partner with GYRACC to present artmaking workshops for students at Katherine High School to create artworks for upcoming Katherine Prize and Godinymayin Youth Awards, the program also presented an opportunity for NAS Education Outreach staff to meet community members from Beswick and Oenpelli.