Cross-cultural exchange

The Guangxi Arts Institute (GAI) in Nanning, China recently invited NAS sculpture lecturer, Gary Deirmendjian to a deliver a series of talks and discussions on his practice and his long engagement with art in public and shared space.

Of his visit, Gary said “I was generously hosted and much enjoyed the very professional way in which all aspects of the visit and official engagements were organised and conducted. It was a dizzying experience that quickly proved to be a delicious culture shock at every turn. The sheer capacity and facilities at GAI were most impressive, and I found their students’ thirst for engagement with NAS, Contemporary art and Australia quite palpable. There was significant interest amongst the teaching and student bodies to develop any exchange and study opportunities with the National Art School.”

GAI is a major comprehensive arts university that is dedicated to the broader disciplines of visual arts, architecture and design, music and performance. Gary’s visit was organised and coordinated by Zhang Yangen, a renowned artist of international standing who works as a Professor of Public Art at GAI.

“This was a wonderful opportunity to create connections with the Guangxi Arts Institute” Director of the National Art School Michael Snelling said of Gary’s visit. ”I hope it will lead to further collaborations between our two schools, and Chinese and Australian art students.”