Stephen Bird

Wednesday 8 June
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Stephen Bird is known for his modelled and painted ceramic forms which idiosyncratically re-interpret the 18th and 19th century ornamental and souvenir wares that were mass-produced in factories such as in Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire in the British Midlands. While these pieces appear traditional at first glance, his subjects have always been subversive responses to contemporary aspects of popular culture, history, war, violence, politics and religion, within universal themes of such as love, death, birth and life.

Bird studied Fine art at Duncan and Jordanstone College of Art in Dundee, and post graduate studies at Cyprus Art College. He initially trained as a painter but now works across a range of mediums including ceramics, drawing, printmaking and digital animation. Stephen has exhibited extensively for over 20 years in the United Kingdom, USA and Australia. Collections include National Gallery of Australia, National Museum of Scotland and National Museums Northern Ireland.

Bird will talk about his practice in relation to his mid career survey show, Bastard Son of Royal Doulton, which is touring NSW at the moment and is currently on show at Casula Powerhouse.

Bird is represented by Olsen Irwin Gallery, Sydney and Gould Gallery, Melbourne.

Image: Stephen Bird with his 'Wall of Plates'