Dr Richard Wu

The art of writing mind: Chinese xieyi painting
Special Drawing Week Art Forum
Wednesday 27 February 
12.30–1.30 pm Black Theatre

Xieyi (pronounces seah-yi), literally meaning writing mind, is the practice of ink painting that dominated Chinese art for the last 1000 years.

Being more akin to Western concept of drawing than painting, xieyi enables the artist to paint spontaneously, and in the process, capture rhythms he senses both within and in Nature. By painting scenes of Nature, the artist then reaches deeper understanding of the intangible states in his inner world. This ultimately leads him on the Daoist journey of eternal path that exists between self and Nature.

In this richly illustrated presentation, Dr Wu will introduce the history, principles of xieyi, and its relevance to contemporary man’s search for Oneness.

Dr Richard Wu is a psychiatrist and a Chinese ink painting artist. He has over the years published on the subject of xieyi in international psychotherapy journals and spoken on the subject at venues including Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing, World Congress of Psychotherapy, International Federation of Psychotherapists, and locally at the Art Gallery of NSW.

Image: Xu Wei, 12 flowers (detail), c.1500CE