NAS Residency: British School at Rome

Wednesday 20 July
1-2pm, Black Theatre

The British School at Rome is a leading international humanities research institute, founded in 1901 as a bridge between British and Italian artistic and scholarly activity. It is a highly respected centre for interdisciplinary research in the Mediterranean, supporting the full range of arts, humanities and social sciences and committed to its long-term role in Italy and in Europe.

Hundreds of artists and scholars work at the BSR every year, enjoying the centre's world-class Library, studio facilities and central position near the Borghese Gardens in Rome. It also presents a range of public events from exhibitions and concerts to conferences and lectures.

NAS lecturer Margaret Roberts has recently returned from a 3-month residency at the British School at Rome where she was one of 14 award-holders from the UK, Canada and Australia. Margaret speaks about her residency, and the projects she and her peers carried out there. Interviews with seven of the artists and more information can be found here.

Margaret also discusses the benefits and challenges of the residency to her art practice. She went to Rome intent on looking at the Baroque attitude to space, eventually focusing on the highly individual churches designed and built by Baroque architect, Francesco Borromini. This research formed the basis of the drawing installations exhibited at the British School mostra in June. She will speak about that work and how it enabled her to build on her interest in documentation of spatial artwork and other forms.

Applications for the 2017 international residency program close: Monday 8 August 2016

Application forms can be found here

Image: Francesco Borromini, Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza, 1660