Jude Rae

Wednesday 18 May
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Painting can interrupt and throw into doubt the assumptions that accompany what might be considered normal vision. It recalls to us a sense of the look of things, and reconstitutes the integrity of visual experience, providing an echo of the complexities and strangeness we edit out of daily life, the flesh and bones of the visual world that we ignore of necessity. In both the making and contemplating of paintings, the conventions or habits that allow normal seeing can be subtly disrupted, the path of sight retraced, and vision itself is slowed, questioned, revised. In this sense painting might be thought of as the “undoing” of sight.

Jude Rae is an Australian artist best known for her paintings of objects, people and architectural interiors. Over the last thirty years Jude has exhibited her work in Australia, New Zealand, Germany and the USA. She has twice been awarded the Portia Geach Memorial Prize for portraiture (2005 and 2008), and in 2007 she was commissioned to paint Professor Frank Fenner by the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. In 2014 her portrait of actor Sarah Pierse was a finalist in the Archibald Prize. She has undertaken international artists residencies and taught at a variety of art schools including the Australian National University, the University of NSW, Auckland University and the National Art School in Sydney where she now lives.

Jude's work is held in public collections in Australia and New Zealand and private collections around the world. Her work is represented by Jensen Gallery in Australia and Fox Jensen in New Zealand. Jude was recently awarded the prestigious Bulgari Art Award including $50,000 to purchase her winning work SL359 for the AGNSW collection and $30,000 for travel in Italy.

Photo: Jude Rae with her work SL 359 2016