Jonathan McBurnie

Wednesday 9 August
1–2pm Black Theatre

Queensland-based contemporary artist Jonathan McBurnie presents an overview of his recent work, dipping into the ‘fun bits’ of his recent PhD research, and, if he has time, something about Meat Loaf.

McBurnie is in Sydney as part of the Drawing Exchange, a project established by the National Art School and Adelaide Central School of Art. His work draws equally from inked comic book illustration, printmaking and en plein air landscape, remixed and reconfigured through collage, which forms a composition for finished works. Each work is therefore set in a completely unreal place; even the landscape has been collided, and rendered fantastic. His work for this is an extension of his fascination with landscape, a tradition he likes to subvert by creating wholly fantastic places, assembled through collage 'sketches' before their execution. These fantastic, blasted landscapes speak to the endless possibilities of fractals, a macro/micro view of the composition of the body, the world and the cosmos, and a play on imaginary worlds of science fiction film, comics and animation. Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from Brisbane’s Queensland College of Art, and a PhD from the University of Sydney, where his thesis, entitled ‘Collisions: Drawing in the Digital Age’, examined the continued vitality of traditional drawing technique and technologies in the face of rapid digital advancement.

Image: Courtesy the artist