Carolyn McKenzie-Craig

Wednesday 31 August
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Carolyn McKenzie-Craig is a lecturer in Printmaking at the National Art School. Her Art Forum will discuss her current studio investigation of the intersection of indexical reprographic media and graphic drawing methodologies. These material concerns will be related to the history of print media and its close relationship to the construction of normalcy through visual typologies. Social typologies that are instrumental in sustaining positions of power are deconstructed in her practice through performance and drawing rituals. Using irony and trope, gestures that define fixed social positions are parodied in Carolyn’s practice to query such stereotypes and their use to justify forms of exclusion and privilege.

Traditional media in drawing and printmaking as well as new technologies in the digital arena are used to expand the definition of print media to also include the broader term of reprographic media.

Image: Carolyn McKenzie-Craig, Throwing like a girl part2 2015, charcoal drawing and screen printed text, 260 x 100 cm. Photograph courtesy the artist .