Ann Thomson

Wednesday 1 June
1-2pm, NAS Gallery

Ann Thomson discusses her distinguished art career and the important role of the National Art School in the context of her new exhibition Ann Thomson & Contemporaries in the NAS Gallery.

Described by Edmund Capon as ‘one of the most interesting and intuitive artists in Australia today’, Ann Thomson is a Sydney-based artist with a career spanning six decades. Her work is compelling and enigmatic, produced by an energetic mind and an unwavering commitment to her art.

Ann Thomson studied art at the National Art School (known then as East Sydney Technical College) from 1957 until 1962 and she later taught there in the 1970s. In discussion with NAS Gallery curator Judith Blackall, Thomson reflects on her years as student, the strong grounding she received in drawing, painting and sculpture; and the importance of inspirational teachers who are also practising artists. Many of her teachers’ and her peers’ works are exhibited in the ground floor Gallery, and in this art forum, Thomson recounts the euphoria, excitement and intensity of art-school life that were fundamental to her creative investigation and successful career.

Ann Thomson in her studio. Photo: Greg Weight