Alexie Glass-Kantor

Wednesday 10 August
1-2pm, Cell Block Theatre

Alexie Glass-Kantor is Executive Director of Artspace in Woolloomooloo. She sits on the National Art School’s Academic Board, is the Chair of the Contemporary Art Organisations of Australia (CAOS) and is curator of the Encounters sector for Art Basel | Hong Kong 2015-2018. In all her work, Alexie Glass-Kantor is a strong advocate for positive change in the arts, she supports artists’ rights and recently coordinated meetings to debate funding cuts in the arts sector.

In her Artforum lecture, Alexie Glass-Kantor discusses Artspace’s on-going commitment to experimentation in art, collaboration between organisations and advocacy. She discusses ways Artspace supports the commissioning of contemporary art, publishing initiatives, and research residencies for artists and curators.

Established in 1983, Artspace is a leading interdisciplinary space for the creation and presentation of contemporary art through exhibitions, performances, artist residencies and public programs. With more than 30 years of activity, today Artspace is a dynamic hub where artists of all generations test new ideas and shape public conversation.

Prior to joining Artspace in November 2013, Alexie was Director/Senior Curator of Gertrude Contemporary (Melbourne), where she led a program that included exhibitions, studios, international exchange programs, curatorial research and publications. She has curated or co-curated more than fifty exhibitions.

Photo: Zan Wimberley