Alexandra Englefriet

Wednesday 27 April
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Alexandra is in Australia as a key note speaker at the Clay Gulgong International Ceramics Festival 2016. Her practice involves working with huge bodies of clay, shaping materials through a physical interaction involving the whole body. By working in rhythmical absorption, an intimate relationship takes shape between experience and earth - in which both are transformed.

Indoors Engelfriet creates installations using different spaces as large moulds in which the material is shaped. Out in nature she works with matter and natural forces she finds on the spot. Her projects at industrial or historical sites bring new layers of content to her work by connecting it to different contexts and by collaboration with others.

In 2010 she built a trench-kiln to fire her work with wood. Wood-firing is suitable as it preserves the immediacy of her work, especially the sense of bodily presence. Fire has become another natural element with which Engelfriet collaborates, which in its turn leaves its traces in the clay.

Several filmmakers have filmed Alexandra Engelfriet at work, emphasising the performative aspect of her way of working - she will show some of the films during her forum.

Photography: Estelle Chr├ętien