Alan Schacher 

Wednesday 20 September
Black Theatre

Performance artist Alan Schacher discusses his interdisciplinary practice and recent work from the past four years, which he sees as a series of interconnected and accumulated works, where he employs multitudes, counting years, weight and volume to manifest a sense of overload.

With a background in dance and visual arts, Schacher directs, choreographs and designs performances that are concerned with spatial experience and the meanings the body takes on in diverse situations and surroundings. Employing cultural landscapes, architectural space and diasporic references as significant motifs, Schacher’s works range from large-scale ensemble performances to duets and solo presences.

Schacher relies on collaboration with his artistic team to realise his projects, which involve large sets, soundscapes, video projection and spatial manipulation. Recurrent themes include death, mortality and oppression, where the performer is forced and coerced by situation and circumstance.

Schacher is the founder and Director of the Gravity Research Institute (G.R.I), an artistic production company based in the Blue Mountains.

Image: Alan Schacher, Song of Lamentation. Performance at Melaka Arts and Performance Festival, Melaka, Malaysia, 2014. Photo: Chia Soo Chin