Art Forum

Art Forum is a free weekly lecture series which provides a platform for artists, curators, writers and professionals from diverse fields to speak about their work and interests, and issues concerning contemporary arts practice. Past speakers have included Ben Quilty, Mike Parr, John Kaldor AM and Julie Rrap.

Dr Richard Wu

The art of writing mind: Chinese xieyi painting

Wednesday 27 February 2018
12.30—1.30pm, Black Theatre
*Special drawing week art forum

In this richly illustrated presentation, Dr Wu will introduce the history, principles of xieyi, and its relevance to contemporary man’s search for Oneness.

Janet Laurence

The Alchemical Afterlife

Wednesday 7 March 2018
1—2pm, Cell Block Theatre 

Leading contemporary artist Janet Laurence presents the National Art School’s first Art Forum lecture for 2018.

​Akira Takayama

Special Lecture

Wednesday 14 March 2018
1–2pm, 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Haymarket

This special lecture, as part of the 21st Biennale of Sydney SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium & Engagement, will be held at 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art at 181 Hay Street, Haymarket, a 20-minute walk from NAS.

Artists from Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

Wednesday 21 March 2018
1–2pm, NAS Gallery 

Please join exhibiting artists Stephen Little, Joe Wilson and Chanelle Collier, Richard Bell and Megan Cope for artist talks in the exhibition, moderated by NAS Gallery Curator Judith Blackall.

Dr Judith Stein

Eye of the Sixties

Wednesday 28 March 2018 
1—2pm, Cell Block Theatre 

US-based writer and curator Dr Judith Stein presents her recent publication, Eye of the Sixties: Richard Bellamy and the Transformation of Modern Art, the first biography of one of the twentieth century’s most influential and enigmatic art dealers, Dick Bellamy.

Artists from Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize

Wednesday 4 April 2018 
1–2pm, NAS Gallery 

Please join exhibiting artists Connie Anthes, Adrian McDonald, and Jonny Niesche for artist talks in the exhibition, moderated by NAS Gallery Curator Judith Blackall.

C.Moore Hardy

Wednesday 11 April 2018 
1–2pm, Cell Block Theatre

C.Moore Hardy is an Australian photographer who is known for her extensive photographic documentation of the Sydney queer community since the late 1970s. 

Sarah Goffman

Wednesday 2 May 2018  
1–2pm, Black Theatre 

Sarah Goffman is an Australian contemporary artist whose works often involve her reuse of everyday consumable items, particularly plastics, transforming discarded objects into socially engaged installations and assemblages. 

Jenny Orchard

Wednesday 9 May 2018   
1–2pm, Cell Block Theatre 

Jenny Orchard is an interdisciplinary artist who has worked across drawing, painting, collage, ceramics and sculpture to create figurative hybrid totemic forms and vessels she calls Zookiniis or Interbeings since the early 1980s. 

John Gillies

Wednesday 16 May 2018   
1–2pm, Cell Block Theatre 

John Gillies is a contemporary Australian artist and musician who works predominately with time-based media and forms, including performance, moving image, installation, sound and music to create immersive, multi-layered video works and installations.

Alana Ambados

Wednesday 23 May 2018   
1–2pm, Cell Block Theatre 

Alana Ambados will discuss the rise of participatory art practices that blur the responsibility of gallery educators, curators and artists – arts practitioners who sit across the production of artworks and knowledge, and the extent to which the public can engage with such ideas, objects and sites. 

Measured Response

Wednesday 30 May 2018   
1–2pm, NAS Gallery  

Measured Response  guest curator Emily McDaniel in conversation with artists Tamara Baillie Penny Evans and Lucy Simpson.

Dr Allison Holland

The melancholic horizon in Australian landscape art
Wednesday 6 June 2018
1–2pm, Black Theatre

Dr Allison Holland is the Curator for the Australian Centre for Photography and will discuss visual representations of the Australian landscape. 

Wendy Sharpe

Wednesday 13 June 2018
1–2pm, Cell Block Theatre

2018 Fellow of the National Art School Wendy Sharpe will speak to her long and distinguished career in the visual arts. 

Measured Response Curator Emily McDaniel in conversation with Frances Rings

Wednesday 20 June 2018
1–2pm, NAS Gallery 

Emily McDaniel, curator of Measured Response, and Frances Rings, Head of Creative Studies at NAISDA Dance College will be in conversation at the NAS Gallery discussing the current exhibition, Measured Response.

NAS international Residencies: La Cite Internationale des arts, Paris

Wednesday 27 June 2018
1–2pm, Black Theatre

Applications for the National Art School’s 2019 international residency programs are now open. Come to Art Forum to hear from 2017-2018 NAS residents at the Onslow Storrier studio at La Cité des Arts Internationale in Paris, and ask them all the questions you have before applying.

NAS international Residencies: British School at Rome

Wednesday 25 July 2018
1–2pm, Black Theatre

Applications for the National Art School’s 2019 international residency programs are now open. Come to Art Forum to hear from 2018 resident at the British School at Rome, Murat Urlali, who completed his MFA Painting in 2016.

Alexander Jackson Wyatt and Minda Andrén

Wednesday 1 August 2018 
1–2pm, Black Theatre

Two artists from the Dream’n Wild exhibition at ALASKA Projects, Alexander Jackson Wyatt (curator) and Minda Andrén (artist) will talk together about their work as artists, exhibitions makers, collaborators and maintaining a practice abroad.

Dr Jaime Tsai

Wednesday 8 August 2018 
1–2pm, Black Theatre

Dr Jaime Tsai presents a lecture on the specifically Australian remix work of Sydney artists Soda_Jerk (Dominique and Dan Angeloro) and Joan Ross. 

2017 Archive

Luke Thurgate

Wednesday 22 February
12.30—1.30pm, Black Theatre
Special drawing week art forum

Adelaide-based artist Luke Thurgate will discuss his art practice and in particular the development of his recent collaborative/interactive wall drawings.

Vernon Ah Kee

Wednesday 1 March
1—2pm, NAS Gallery

Artist Vernon Ah Kee discusses his exhibition not an animal or a plant at the National Art School Gallery.

Steven Alderton

Wednesday 8 March
1—2pm, Black Theatre

New Director and Chief Executive Steven Alderton discusses his background in curating and arts management, his new role and plans for the future.

Eye Opener: Rayner Hoff and the National Art School

Wednesday 15 March
1—2pm, Black Theatre

To coincide with the launch of her new biography of Rayner Hoff and an exhibition of his work in his former studio at the NAS, Deborah Beck will reveal the extent of Hoff’s extraordinary influence on his students and the art world of Sydney in the 1920s and 30s.

Haines & Hinterding

Wednesday 22 March
1—2pm, Black Theatre

David Haines and Joyce Hinterding are an artist-duo based in the Blue Mountains. As artists they maintain independent practices and also collaborate on large-scale art works that explore diverse subject matter, often with a focus on revealing the unseen and the unheard.

Callum Morton

Wednesday 29 March
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Melbourne-based artist Callum Morton is the Guest Curator of this year’s Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize on view at NAS Gallery from Tuesday 28 March.

Jasmin Stephens

Wednesday 5 April
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Independent curator Jasmin Stephens discusses the changing role of the studio in relation to her exhibition Our Studio Selves, curated for the Artspace Ideas Platform
6–21 April.

Dr Ella Dreyfus

Wednesday 26 April
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Dr Ella Dreyfus is an Australian artist of Jewish-German descent who recently completed an Artist’s Residency in Wiesbaden, Germany. She presents stories and images from her current exhibition Walking in Wiesbaden, which activate the names and identities of her ancestors as installations in the streets Wiesbaden, Mainz and Wuppertal.

Zanny Begg

Wednesday 3 May
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Sydney-based artist and filmmaker Zanny Begg presents a lecture on her recent work The City of Ladies, a response to the first Western feminist text written in Paris in 1402. She will focus on the historic and contemporary relevance of feminism and the roots of misogyny.

Amala Groom

Wednesday 31 May
1—2pm, Black Theatre

New South Wales based conceptual artist Amala Groom presents a lecture on 'Appropriation as a weapon to dismantle the Colonial Project'. Groom will present an overview of her practice and process detailing how Aboriginal ontologies and methodologies both inform and drive the expression of her cultural sovereignty. Through the praxis of tactful subversion, citing her own work Groom will expand upon appropriation as a key instrument in decontextualising the subjugation of the philosophy and practice of colonialism.

Dr Oliver Watts in conversation with Judith Blackall

Wednesday 7 June
1—2pm, NAS Gallery

This week’s Art Forum presents Dr Oliver Watts in conversation with curator Judith Blackall. Oliver and Judith discuss the artists and works in NAS Gallery’s latest exhibition, EuroVisions: Contemporary Art from the Goldberg Collection.

Paris Residencies

Wednesday 14 June
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Applications for the National Art School’s 2018 international residency programs are now open. Come to Art Forum to hear from 2016–17 NAS residents at the Onslow Storrier studio at La Cite des Arts International in Paris, and ask them all the questions you have before applying.

Brianna Munting

Wednesday 10 May
1—2pm, Black Theatre

The National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA) is the peak body representing the professional interests of the Australian visual arts, craft and design sector and provides a range of support mechanisms for recent graduates, including expert advice, referrals, professional practice resources and representation. Come and hear NAVA’s Deputy Director Brianna Munting on current funding and grants available for artists, the impact of Government policy on the funding environment and how artists can make change.

Fiona Foley

Wednesday 17 May
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Lismore-based contemporary artist Fiona Foley presents a lecture on the Aboriginals Protection and Restriction of the Sale of Opium Act of 1897, and the ways in which she has explored the history behind this Act in a number of her works. In the late 1880s, Aboriginal people were often paid for their labour with opium, a drug that had been legalised and the sale controlled by the government. The 1897 Act criminalised the sale of opium to Aboriginal people, and imprisoned those that had become addicted to the drug on Fraser Island.

Richard Kean

Wednesday 24 May
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Richard Kean is an artist based in Sydney. He has been working with the monochord for the past five years and will present a lecture discussing his recent work Esoterics of the Monochord, both what it is and where it has come from. A monochord is any taught string with an aural capacity. From this humble definition, Kean has moved through an inquiry into the possibilities of the monochord using contemporary art as a format involving installation, performance, drawing and lecturing.

Jonathan McBurnie

Wednesday 9 August
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Queensland-based contemporary artist Jonathan McBurnie presents an overview of his recent work, dipping into the ‘fun bits’ of his recent PhD research, and, if he has time, something about Meat Loaf.

Karla Dickens

Wednesday 16 August
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Karla Dickens discusses her work in Grounded, twenty new Warrior Women (all 2017), sculptural forms depicting female underwear as chastity belts bearing the rough detritus of Australia’s rural economy, from barbed-wire, harness, tools, machinery parts to sporting relics, fish hooks and Aboriginal kitsch.

Lynda Draper

Wednesday 23 August
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Head of Ceramics Lynda Draper presents a survey of her art practice over the past 3 decades and will also discuss her role as a curator and mentor.

Gary Deirmendjian

Wednesday 19 July
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Applications for the National Art School’s 2018 international residency programs are now open. Come to Art Forum to hear from 2017 NAS Resident at the British School at Rome, alumnus and Sculpture Lecturer Gary Deirmendjian.Gary will discuss his broad practice, the experience at the BSR, the works that emerged in Rome, and the new directions that the Residency has enticed.

Miles Hall

Wednesday 26 July
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Miles Hall is a Montpellier-based Australian contemporary artist whose practice explores the encounter between colour, gesture and abstraction. Miles will discuss his painting practice in advance of his upcoming exhibition at Nicholas Thompson Gallery, Melbourne (19 August – 10 September)

Peter Cooley

Wednesday 2 August
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Peter Cooley came to prominence as a painter in the 1980s and has now spent over a decade committed to his ceramic practice, known for his bold majolica glazes and native Australian animals and birds.

Grounded artist talks:  Jumaadi, Joan Ross, Justine Varga

Wednesday 30 August
1—2pm, NAS Gallery

Please join artists and NAS alumni Jumaadi, Joan Ross and Justine Varga for artist talks in the Grounded exhibition, moderated by NAS Gallery Curator Judith Blackall.

Jaime Tsai: System of Objects

Wednesday 6 September
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Curator Dr Jaime Tsai discusses her new exhibition, System of Objects in a panel discussion with Dr Shane Haseman, Dr Michael Hill and Dr Georgina Cole, who contributed essays to the exhibition catalogue.

Grounded artist talks:  Mitch Cairns, Addison Marshall and James Ngyuen

Wednesday 13 September
1—2pm, NAS Gallery

Please join artists and NAS alumni Mitch Cairns, Addison Marshall and James Nguyen for artist talks in the Grounded exhibition, moderated by NAS Gallery Curator Judith Blackall.

Alan Schacher

Wednesday 20 September
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Performance artist Alan Schacher discusses his interdisciplinary practice and recent work from the past four years, which he sees as a series of interconnected and accumulated works, where he employs multitudes, counting years, weight and volume to manifest a sense of overload.

Aboriginal Art Centre Internships  

Wednesday 11 October
1—2pm, Black Theatre

Each year, with the generous support of our donors Sharon Tofler and Mark Tedeschi AM QC, the National Art School is able to provide two ten week internships at Aboriginal Art Centres in the Northern Territory, at Ikuntji Artists nears Haasts Bluff and at Tapatjatjaka Arts at Titjikala.

2016 Archive

Alexandra Engelfriet

Wednesday 27 April
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Alexandra Engelfriet will be in Australia as a key note speaker at the Clay Gulgong International Ceramics Festival 2016.

​Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize Artists

Wednesday 4 May
1-2pm, NAS Gallery

Exhibiting artists Luke Parker, Sean Wadey and Mitchel Cumming discuss their works in this year’s Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize.

Joachim Froese

Wednesday 11 May
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Drawing on art history and personal memory Joachim Froese is best known for his highly constructed still life photography, which has been exhibited widely across Australia, Europe, Asia and North America.

Jude Rae

Wednesday 18 May
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Jude Rae is an Australian artist best known for her paintings of objects, people and architectural interiors.

Julie Ewington

Wednesday 25 May
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Julie Ewington is an independent writer and curator, focusing on contemporary Australian art.

Ann Thomson in Conversation

Wednesday 1 June
1-2pm, NAS Gallery

Ann Thomson discusses her distinguished art career and the important role of the National Art School.

Stephen Bird

Wednesday 8 June
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Stephen Bird will talk about his practice in relation to his mid career survey show, Bastard Son of Royal Doulton.

International Residency Experiences

Wednesday 15 June
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Come along to Art Forum to hear about three different residency experiences from some of our graduates, and ask them all the questions you have before applying yourself.

NAS Residency: British School at Rome

Wednesday 20 July
1-2pm, Black Theatre

NAS lecturer Margaret Roberts has recently returned from a 3-month residency at the British School at Rome . Margaret speaks about her residency, and the projects she and her peers carried out there.

Sarah Mosca: Art School, Then What?

Wednesday 27 July
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Drawn to epic and historical tales recounting human will, sorrow and optimism Sarah Mosca’s practice responds to both theoretical texts and pursuits of optimism.

Nasim Nasr

Wednesday 3 August
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Through her photography and video practice, Iranian-born Australian-based Nasim Nasr explores and comments upon both specific and universal cultural concerns in contemporary society.

Alexie Glass-Kantor

Wednesday 10 August
1-2pm, Cell Block Theatre

In her Artforum lecture, Alexie Glass-Kantor discusses Artspace’s on-going commitment to experimentation in art, collaboration between organisations and advocacy.

Sixth Sense

Wednesday 17 August
1-2pm, NAS Gallery

­­This week’s Art Forum presents Djon Mundine OAM, Guest Curator of Sixth Sense, in conversation with exhibiting artists Fiona Foley and Karla Dickens.

Carolyn McKenzie-Craig

Wednesday 31 August
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Carolyn McKenzie-Craig is a lecturer in Printmaking at NAS - her Art Forum will be a discussion of her current studio research which investigates the intersection of indexical reprographic media and graphic drawing methodologies.

Andrew Leslie - SNO Director

Wednesday 7 September
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Sydney Non Objective Contemporary Art Projects is an artist run initiative located in the Sydney inner city suburb of Marrickville, one of Australia’s most culturally diverse areas. Andrew Leslie is the current director and in this Art Forum he will speak about SNO’s exhibition program, operations and his role.

Laura Fisher

Wednesday 14 September
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Dr Laura Fisher is an arts researcher and sociologist currently completing a post-doctoral fellowship at SCA. Her project ‘New Visions of the Rural’ is exploring the contribution artists are making in rural communities that are facing challenges such as depopulation, urgent environmental concerns and land use conflicts (eg. mining vs. agriculture).

Amanda Williams

Amanda Williams' work focuses on architectural modernism and the history of photography. Her work currently engages with the allegory of the cave and the concept of entropy by using materials and processes that evolve and change over time.

NAS Aboriginal Art Centre Internship: Chrystal Rimmer & Anke Klevjer

Wednesday 19 October
1-2pm, Black Theatre

Come along to Art Forum to hear about the National Art School Aboriginal Art Centre Internship from 2016 Interns, Chrystal Rimmer and Anke Klevjer. Hear about their experiences in working in a new environment, and ask them any questions you might have about undertaking the internship.